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Hi, I'm Kate Boot (she/her)

I am a white, LGBTQ+, neurodivergent (autistic ADHD), dual-qualified Speech and Language Therapist and Sensory Integration Practitioner.  I also work as a Relationships and Sex Education Practitioner.  

My areas of interest

Speech and Language Therapy

Specifically support for neurodivergent people, including self-advocacy, perspective taking, understanding neurodivergent identity, preferences, support and accommodations needs, including environmental support.

Sensory Integration and Processing

Specifically supporting individuals, their families, educators and carers to understand sensory identity, preferences, support and accommodations needs, including environmental support.

Relationships and Sex Education

Specifically supporting neurodivergent and learning-disabled individuals, their families, educators and carers to understand the importance of meaningful RSE.

Intersectionality-affirming practice

Supporting schools and organisations to provide intersectionality-affirming services which affirm all aspects and intersections of an individual's identity.  Including education, care, therapeutic services, supervision, management and leadership.

I work with children and young people who have experienced early childhood trauma, some of whom are experiencing care, and autistic, ADHD and learning-disabled children, young people and adults and their families. 


I advocate for intersectional, neurodiversity-affirming practice within Speech and Language Therapy, Sensory Integration and Relationships and Sex Education which challenges and dismantles much of the ableism neurodivergent folk encounter daily, including from their interactions with therapeutic, health and social care and education services. 

I also work some of the week in an employed role managing and leading a multi-disciplinary therapies team of Allied Health Professionals and Psychological Practitioners.  Within this role, I champion change from within, aligning with the Neurodiversity Paradigm (Walker, 2023), Neurodiversity Affirming Zones of Practice (Murphy, 2023) and anti-racist practice (Ibrahim, 2020). 

As a manager and leader, I recognise my role in supporting and uplifting marginalised, under-represented colleagues.  I am committed to using my own privilege meaningfully to support and uplift the voices of people with protected characteristics and to my continued growth in line with anti-racism practice.

As a late-discovered neurodivergent person, I use my combined lived experience and clinical expertise to inform and guide my work.  This makes me uniquely positioned to support individuals, their families and the professionals supporting them.  


I speak at events, lecture at Universities and deliver training and workshops around my specialist areas and interests. 

I am involved in various projects and initiatives in a voluntary capacity which is detailed below. Please get in touch to find out more.​

Projects & Initiatives

Founding Member & Co-Chair
UK SLT Pride 

March 2021 - present

The first UK Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) Pride Network for SLT professionals.

Neurodiversity-Affirming SLT CEN

June 2023 - present

The first UK Clinical Excellence Network centred on

amplifying neurodiversity-affirming practice in

Speech and Language Therapy through an intersectional lens.

Co-Chair Community of Practice for Speech and Language Therapists working in Relationships and Sex Education (alongside Dr Claire Bates from Supported Loving)

May 2023- present

A Community of Practice for Speech and Language Therapists and Assistants doing Relationships and Sex Education related work with their clients. A community that provides continual professional development and peer support.

Co-leading UK SLT Pride and RCSLT LGBTQIA+ SLT Professionals Working Group

June 2022 - present

Working alongside the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) in my role as co-chair for the UK SLT Pride Network to co-lead a working group for LGBTQ+ SLT professionals, including SLT students in training. Find out more here.

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