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I provide consultancy services to therapy teams, schools, colleges, children's homes, residential services and charities who are looking to move their practice and provisions forward in line with intersectionality and neurodiversity-affirming practice.

This may be in relation to the children, young people and adults they support or educate, or it may be consultancy around providing intersectionality and neurodiversity-affirming spaces for employees and colleagues. 

Please get in touch to find out more.

Working directly with individuals and families

Unfortunately, at this time, I have limited capacity to work directly with individuals and families.  I am unable to provide regular, e.g., weekly or bi-weekly therapy for children, young people or adults.

I am happy to discuss other types of input, such as delivering training to teams around a child, and parent carer coaching.  However, this will be subject to availability.  Please get in touch to discuss.

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